Our Vision

Here at Dryden Watch Company, our mission is to deliver thoughtfully designed watches built from premium components at an honest price. 

Our small team has over 30 years of combined experience in the industry and brings a balanced approach of form and function in our product design. We produce each project in small batch quantities to monitor every stage of manufacturing and stay responsive to customer feedback. Every watch is assembled in-house and we stand behind our work with a two-year warranty. 

In an era centered on convenient, disposable products, we hope our watches will cement their value as a future piece of your family history.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

Our Team

Jerry Wang

Founder, photographer and the guy who will most likely answer your emails at 6 in the morning. Jerry is a collector turned designer who is enamored with the history and technical marvels of watchmaking. After working as a part of the creative team for several domestic and international watch brands, he founded Dryden Watch Company in 2019 to develop his own collection. On most days, you can find him in his home studio working on new marketing materials and drawing up ideas for the next model.   

Jeff - Chief Technician

Jeff has worked as a watch technician in the industry for the last 25 years. He handles everything from QC to assembly and repairs of mainstream and independent brands. His favorite watch in his collection is the Seiko 6309 from 1985.


Our Process

Our ideas start out as a sketches before they are converted into 2D renders. We then work with engineers to model our design into technical drawings. Each component is prototyped and assembled to test for
durability and variance. We then further refine each elements through new prototypes until they meet our specifications. The process takes between 9-12 months before final production begins. 


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US Assembly & Quality Control

The last stage of the production process is assembly and quality control. Unlike most brands, our chief technician performs the final tasks in our Kansas City workshop. 

Each dial and hand is checked under magnification for any imperfections in finish and fitment. Each case is tested for proper operation, which includes timing bezel rotation, crown fitment and push button operation where applicable. All rubber and neoprene gaskets throughout watch case are inspected and water tested to factory specified water resistance. 

Once assembled, all watches functions are checked and timing is tracked over 24 hours for accuracy. The case is dry tested to a minimum of 10atm pressure. Those that pass the final inspection are added to the inventory and made available for purchase.