"To deliver thoughtfully designed watches built from premium components at an honest price."


Jerry Wang - Owner

Founder, photographer and the guy who will most likely answer your emails. Jerry is a collector turned designer who is enamored with the history and technical marvels of watchmaking. After working as a full time wedding and commercial photographer, he founded Dryden Watch Company to bring his own ideas to life, often drawing inspirations from vintage designs mixed with a splash of vibrant colors. Since 2020, he's also become a passionate wildlife photographer and often incorporates color palettes from nature into new models.

Jeff - Chief Technician

Jeff has worked as a watch technician in the industry for the last 20 years. Here at Dryden, he handles quality control, assembly, and servicing of all Dryden's current and future models. He brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to help ensure our products meet our rigorous standards. His favorite watch in his personal collection is the Seiko 6309 from 1985.


Small Batch Production

We produce each project in small batch quantities to offer unique and personalized products. Each component also receives closer scrutiny during production, leading to higher quality standards and allows us to stay responsive to customer feedback.

In-House Assembly

Despite being a small start-up brand, we take pride in handling all assembly and quality control checks. This has helped reduce defects, improve component alignments and provide better regulation of movements than factory specifications.

Personalized Experience

Our favorite part of being a small business is getting to interact directly with our customers whether it's by email or face-to-face. Come meet us at one of our upcoming events or schedule an appointment to see our collection in the metal.

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