Warranty & Repairs


Our two-year warranty begins on the original date of purchase and covers all manufacturing defects in material or workmanship. Qualifying warranty repairs will be made at our service facility at no cost to the customer.

The warranty does not cover the strap, crystal, case, pushers, crown, battery, or movement accuracy beyond the manufacturer’s specifications. The warranty is invalid if there is evidence of damage from improper use, internal or external damage from excessive wear, or if the damage is a result of an unauthorized repair. To achieve the advertised water resistance, the crown must be fully screwed down. Water damage as a result of failure to adhere to these instructions will not be covered under warranty.


We also offer out-of-warranty repairs on our watches including but are not limited to battery changes, movement regulation and other component servicing. We try to stock extra servicing components for 5 years from the launch of any collection. 

To initiate a repair, please first contact us at 

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